Rochester NY Channel 13 is All About the News, Weather, Sports and Events

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There are four things Rochester NY Channel 13 does better than anyone else in town. First, Rochester NY Channel 13 covers the news like no one else. Second, the station covers the weather as it was intended to be and then some. Third, it offers full coverage of sports big and small in town. And fourth, it broadcasts events that are happening in and around town.

The news that Rochester NY Channel 13 covers is almost exactly what the other news stations in town are covering. However, a lot of loyal viewers would argue that Channel 13 Rochester NY does it best. With popular anchors and a well regarded news team, it obviously makes perfect sense why so many viewers would think this. The focus here is on the quality of news coverage and the manner in which it is delivered, and nearly every time Rochester Channel 13 knocks it out of the park.

The weather Rochester NY Channel 13 covers is very popular too. Of course, most viewers today tune in to Rochester ny channel 13 and other stations precisely to get their weather and then get on with their days. They use the station to help them decide what to wear, when to get in the car and whether to stay at home if the weather will be bad. Luckily, the award winning team at Channel 13 Rochester NY includes a stellar meteorologist with an awesome track record at forecasting the weather.

The sports coverage at Rochester NY Channel 13 is another reason so many viewers tune in to the station. Many have young kids who are into sports, and the station does an awesome job of covering the local sports scene, from high school to college and beyond. There is quite a strong minor league sports presence in Rochester too, and this is covered well by the Channel 13 Rochester news team too. All sports are given equal weight as well, allowing anyone with any interest in sports to see the news that they care about as it relates to sports.

The events coverage available on the website of Rochester NY Channel 13 is awesome, extensive and very interactive too, so people wanting to head out for a fun weekend of festivities can find them on the station’s site. News, weather and sports coverage have their day at the station, which all are important. But the events scene is perhaps the No. 1 reason people continually visit the station’s site.

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